Nowadays, in the globalized world we live in, learning languages is a it is a matter of great importance, making an impact both in your personal live and professional career by giving you new chances of success.

Spoken for more than 560 millions of people, Spanish is one of the most spoken and extended languages, being official in most of the countries of South America, some States of the USA, some countries in Africa and Asia, like Morocco and Philippines, and, of course, Spain.

Spain is the Country where Spanish was born. This land at the South of Europe its the makes border with France at the north, and the rest of the Country is surrounded by sea. Spain has a rich and diverse culture, that changes depending on the region.

One of the most special regions of Spain is Asturias. Located in the north of Spain, is the most ancient region of the country. Inhabited since before Roman Empire, there are still some buildings from this era.

With more than 30% of its land declared protected green area and a soft weather both in summer and winter, it´s a great place to enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

Trying to unite the need to learn languages ​​with the fun of tourism, we bring you Oviedo Spanish Academy, a brand new concept for tourism.

Located in Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, Oviedo Spanish Academy wants to help you studying Spanish in Spain, totally immersing yourself in the language and culture of this land, but in a very special region, away from overcrowded tourism resorts.

Although Oviedo Spanish Academy brand is new, behind it there is a consolidated professional behind: Asunción Arnaldo. With a Bachelor´s Degree in Economic and Business Sciences by Universidad de Oviedo, and the pedagogic adaptation master course, she started her career running Academia Arnaldo with great success.

This success gave her the chance to expand her business, focusing in training security forces in a new project: CESA, wich was also a triumph.

Her achievements, fruit of hard work and its methodical attitude, gave her the chance of giving subsidized professional training courses for the Spanish State.

Oviedo Sanish Academy have some certifications that prove our good work, based on a established methodology, tested through the years and guaranteed by our quality standards.

We are always working in improve our service, that is why we are always looking for get more certifications. In this moment we are in possession of: Iso 9001, EFQM Model and EQI.

Our Academy, brings you the chance of coming to Spain in an organized trip that includes:


Spanish Course


Adapted to your level and your objetives, we will help you improving your Spanish level and we will certify it


You can choose between some options like hotel, host family or a shared apartment, we will take care of everything, so you only have to worry about learning and having fun.


You can also trust us for your meal, so you can try Spanish gastronomy without worries.


There are plenty activities for doing with us! You can find a lot of historical buildings, art, and cultural activities. There are also a lot of outdoor activities both in sea and mountain.

Oviedo Spanish Academy has a brand new web, where you can easily book your course 100% online, but if you have any doubt, you can contact us by any media: Phone, WhatsApp, Mail, Facebook, Twitter…

If you want to learn Spanish in Spain, Oviedo Spanish Academy is your best choice. We are waiting for you!

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