Spanish Government plans a strategy to promote the use of the Spanish language.

The purpose of this plan is make Spanish become an strategic tool in the creation of opportunities. The presentation was carried out at Museo Reina Sofía. Spanish speaker community is close to 600 million people.

The plan consist in three cornerstones:

-Spanish as a product

-Spanish as a tool for content development

-Spanish as a market

Alto Comisionado de la Marca España will have new functions, in order to promote Spanish language.

It will also be created a new rol: the Language Ambassador. This figure will lend his image to promote and enhance Spanish as a culture worldwide.

Government´s President, Mariano Rajoy, pointed that “we are at an historical chance and we will not let it escape”.

To promote the diffusion of Spanish, both society and mercantile sector are tried to be involved by  tax incentives with a relief of a 90%.

It also was announced the creation of “Plan de Empresarios por el español”. This plan is focused to companies and multinationals both Spanish and Latin-American.

In addition, a new Latin-American Erasmus plan will be started, to bind values ​​referring to:





To continue with this line of action, it will be promoted a system of training for Latin-American students.

To complete the plan, it will be developed a platform with digital content both in Spanish and Portuguese in where there will be available free literature, science, music, etc.

With this plan, Spanish will become worldwidedly more important both in businesss and culture, so learning it is more and more necessary. The best way to learn a language is studying it abroad and, in Oviedo Spanish Academy, have a great plan for taking you to Spain and helping you learning Spanish and discover Spain’s wonderful culture.

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