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Asturias is a land plenty of history and art. With human settlements from the ancient pre-history, there are still samples of this era in the rock art and in some hillforts made by the Celtics. We also have an artistic movement endemic from Asturias, called pre-romanic, this movement is basically architectural, with some buildings still standing. Romans were also here, leaving us some wonderfull ruins, prove of their culture.


Cultural events are important in Asturias. We have our celebration day “Dia de Asturias” with lots of acts all over the region. In Ribadesella is the world known “Descenso del Sella” a Canoeing competition in Sella River. Other events are the America´s Day in Asturias, when we pay tribute to all the Asturians who emigrate to America and all the ties formed between this two lands. There are also gastronomical events, like “Festival de la Sidra” a party around asturian cider.


Outdoor activities are the other main atractive from Asturias. With 30% of protected green land, makes Asturias a perfect match for ecoturism lovers, with bike & horse routes, trekking…

All the north of the region make border with the Cantabric Sea, where you can find activities as fishing, surfing, water scooter riding…

The south makes border with the Cantabric Mountain Range, where there are three ski resorts, and a lot of climbing facilities.

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