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In the middle of Asturias you can find Oviedo, an ancient city plenty of history buf full of life and youth.

Choosed one of the safest cities in Spain, its size makes posible to move without any conveyance but walking and its beauty makes it a wonderfull experience.

Life is affordable in Oviedo. You can have a coffe por 1 euro, and lunch for 10.

Oviedo is a modern city with a lot of young people thanks to its University, that has one of the best medicine college in Spain.

Also there is a lot of night life, every night in the city center, wich is full of bars and pubs.

Culture is highly valued in Oviedo, celebrating each year the Week of Opera and the Princess of Asturias Prizes where people like Francis Ford Coppola, Norman Foster, Leonard Cohen or Woody Allen were awarded. This last one said: Oviedo is a paradise, a refuge for when the world gets dangerous”

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