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Located in the north of Spain, Asturias is the most ancient region of the country. Inhabited since before Roman Empire, there are still some buildings from this era.

This wonderfull land borders at the north with the Cantabric Sea, a brave sea ideal to surfing. At the south you can find the Cantabric Mountain Range, a natural place whit a lot of natural reserves, like Picos de Europa Reserve, first Spanish national park and three ski resorts.

With more than 30% of its land declared protected green area and a soft weather both in summer and winter, it´s a great place to enjoy nature and outdoor activities.

Away from mass tourism, Asturias has a rich culture that includes art, tradition and gastronomy.

You will fall in love.

Our coast is very different from the rest of Spain, full of cliffs, you can find a lot of non overcrowded small beaches of soft sand, with a brave sea ideal for surfing.

Although there are turism in Asturias, is not as heavy as in most popular places as Mallorca or Benidorm.

But there is much more in Asturias than mountains and beaches. There is an urban Asturias, with industry, commerce and business focused in three big urban centers: Oviedo, Gijón y Avilés.

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